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  1. CoffeeQR is only auto connectable with restricted apps on Android, for iOS and non-supported device we provide easy copy/paste display formats for you.
  2. We use latested IP databsae to translate your ip to your country,so you can restrict your visitor to be locate specificly at some country or even some city(Based on the accuracy of the database, some regions might not be as accurate,so we don't guarantee for frequently ip change).
  3. We detect our client by there UserAgent, user might cheat us by changing this attribute when applying their request, we cannot help to detect this in practice.
  4. We allow you to specify a start time(timezone included) and a end time(timezone included),exclude the time you specified your visitor will not going to the url you specified.
  5. We provide a transcient page before user visit your page, you can specify some text message and a picture to let your client know who you are.
  6. QR size Limit.
  7. Please contact us for accurate price, we have a base price for the following specs, please Contact Sales.
  8. We reserve the right to on hold your account if you abusing our service.Please follow FAIR USE policy for all personal services.
  9. We detect your QR behavior based on multiple creterias, after reached, you will be notified with email, if without response we will pause resolve this QR temporarily.