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You can have visualized and informative, together, in one.

Get started, we create your LOGO/POSTER/VIDEO in realtime.


Let the world know yourself by a stylish smile, say goodbye to traditional QR.
* We do also provide native realtime service for twitter users. HOWTO

ContentQR  β

More features and granular control over your QR code, change frequently with the fear of lossing your old client? We help you out.
All ContentQR will be expired after 2 hours in beta period


We embed your Wifi information inside of your visualized QR code, it helps your client/friend get connected easily, more importantly, attractive and space efficient.


We might always have a problem teaching your grandpa/ma to open a website to for some information, and now, we have something we can print out and get them satisfied.


Remember those moving funny face? We provide a way to embed your QR message inside any GIF images, get your client amused and your job done.


Remember days to OCR your card? We have something special for you, scan & your name will just appear on your clients' address book.


Video is the most important entry for all types of advertisement, but you will always need at least a single scene to show your goods. We provide a way to embed your QR information in any video,locate at any location.

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